This year, I have been a busy bee. The truth is I had written this short peice for a while but never got the time to edit and post but here we are today. ENJOY AND SHARE. 


“My Boss is a prostitute or better still a ‘brostitute'” Amaka said as she dipped a toothpick into a piece of juicy peppered gizzard and put it in her mouth. She munched on it savouring the taste of chilli pepper, garlic, onions and wine in which the gizzard was sautéed. It has been a while she ate that type of delicious food and she chatted away as she ate.

Her friends gasped.

“Oh no!” 

“How do you mean?”

“It is a lie”

Aminat responded “Amaka, do not come up with such allegations when you do not have any proof”

Amaka felt a little hurt at what Aminat said,

“I am dead serious, I saw the way he was looking at his secretary the other day. Girl, if any man looks at me that way, I would melt like  ice-cream near heat. I have seen them eat together from the same plate like twice and then one day, I bagged in. The lady quickly stopped eating and pretended to be arranging some files. Anyway, why am I bothering to explain to you, you never believe me”

Aminat rolled her eyes.

“No way!” Stella shouted and covered her mouth because they were creating a scene at  Blüey restaurant.

“Yes way! Girls, I am serious.”

“But the lady is your friend, why haven’t you asked her stylishly?” Cheezy said.

“Yeah right, you have a point. I have just tried to be always careful not to talk about something like that because they try to be as discreet as possible”.  Amaka responded.

True! They all agreed and switched on to another topic. At about 8pm, they dispersed.

They usually have a Friday girls’ night out at least twice in a month where they meet to talk about work, their relationships, career and any new thing happening in their lives. It sometimes is filled with arguments and banters but in summary it was always fun for them and they all never miss it. Their friendship began from their first year in the university when they were all in the same room and despite the variance in their courses of study and career paths, they remained friends; thanks to their consistent dates and hangouts.


Two weeks later.

“Hey ladies, guess what?” Amaka said as she sat down at the table.

“Madam gist carrier is around, she has not even sat down yet she is ready to spill” Aminat sneers.

“Whatever, you can say what you like but all I know is as long as you don’t walk away or shut your ears, it means you like the gist but are just too proud to accept it” Amaka said dismissing her friend.

“You know what is weird about both of you, you love each other the most, look out for each other but would always attack yourselves. What a tough love!” Helen said

Amaka bluffed “ Y’all can say whatever you want. I have hot gist ladies but let’s order for Lemonade. I always love the one they make in this place the most.”

They ordered for Lemonade, peppered chicken wings and some snacks.

“So spill” Cheezy said

“So, last week Friday, I went to a restaurant near the office for lunch and stumbled on my boss again with the secretary lady. But they did not see me at all. They were eating from the same plate”

“Oops” Aminat said as she drew her seat closer.

“Girls, I said to myself, now this is not just a coincidence, something must be happening. So, after the lunch and we got to work. I dragged her to one corner of  the office and told her what I saw. She responded “He is my brother””

“What!?” Cheezy said

“I was surprised myself. Anyways, after much digging, I found out that it was true. So apparently, they have the same mother but different fathers. I think my boss’s father died and the mother remarried. They are very close but decided to keep it discreet at work so people do not suspect and she can get to know the staff better. But apparently, no matter how discreet they tried to be, a few people still discover.”

“Oh well, and here you were thinking the man is having an affair” Helen said.

“You know right. No wonder when anytime his wife comes, she is very cordial with the lady and I used to wonder that the woman does not know the lady is having an affair with her husband”

“That is why you need to find out some information before spreading rumours”. Aminat said.

“Look at who is talking, yet she was eagerly listening to me” Amaka retorted.

“Hey ladies, no bickering, now we know that it was a false allegation, can we move on to the next gist, Helen, that boss of yours, I think I am liking him” Cheezy said

They all gasped, that led to another round of conversations before they finally dispersed for the night. It was fun.


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