It happened on a fateful day, I was on call but it’s not the usual stay-at-your-unit type, it’s the CALL  in the real sense of the word; in that the orderly  comes to my room to call me. I grudgingly got up because I was feeling indisposed and just trying to catch some night rest after a full day at work.
I got the unit, started to attend to this man and the next thing- he became plainly rude (saving the details for privacy sake). Either I  was too stunned to talk or just didn’t have the strength, I cannot tell but I just did not give him a reply. I did all I wanted to do and even tried helping him and left.
By the third day familiar people kept coming to the hospital to pay visits and they ask me if I know ‘so and so’, I tell them “no” because I didnot know him but with these people coming to visit, we have a link. Actually I attended to him at night and I could barely see him that day.
We met after the incidence and he gave me this side look that tells me the visitors may have told him about me and our link too.
Well since none of us mentioned it, we left it that way- like nothing happened.
A common saying goes thus “don’t throw stones in the market because it might hit your family member”. That was the lesson I got from that incidence, you donot know who people are exactly and therefore have to treat them fairly. And if your job requires meeting with a lot  people like mine, you might want to sit back and re-evaluate on how you have been treating them and see if you can really become better.
P.S:  I am not the best yet in dealing with people because I must confess some people are inarguably annoying but I learn daily and strive to be BETTER.