What will someone’s eyes not see oh? I meet different types of people each day of my life- the good and the “not-good”. Today, I am writing about some of the strange people I have met on Facebook.
To start with, I wassitting on my own on a beautiful afternoon enjoying the comfort of my family house when my brother first mentioned Facebook to me.
“Ope, have you heard of Facebook?” He inquired.
“No oh, what is it about?” I replied as a typical Nigerian that replies questions with questions.
“Ah!, so you have not heard about it? You are not social at all!”
Quite stinging but I swallowed my saliva and kept mute. Discussion ended.
As the inquisitive and adventurous type, I decided to find out and that was how I joined the social site.
As much as I have reconnected with lost friends, had access to information, connected with newer people and so on. I have also had some strange friends that I cannot even tell how their names appeared on my friends’ list – except there is some voodoo aspect of Facebook that I do not know of anyway.
There are some people that spend so much time on Facebook. It makes me think it’s an estate and they probably bought a luxurious duplex in which they lounge daily. I am tempted to think they sleep there as well (you know nothing is impossible). They post just about every thought that crosses their mind. Facebook is the new friend they need to ventilate their mind to and share their every moment with.
In fact, I am beginning to think some people assume God has a Facebook profile. So, when they even want to pray, they decide to post their request and thanksgiving on Facebook. Well I stand to be corrected but methinks people do things in excess a lot.
Well, that is not even my problem anyway, the one I don’t understand is when some strange person suddenly writes on your wall or sends a message and is talking like you have met somewhere before. Sometimes ago, I posted something on Facebook and someone that is a friend to my friend on Facebook felt he did not agree with my point, the next thing he did was to send me a message. He sounded very rude and was kind of attacking me.
As much as I felt that was grossly inappropriate, I kept my cool but had to ask him if we are fighting. He later replied me that he had to re-read the message and just discovered that he was harsh. Well, I let it slide but I continue to wonder how people just attack someone they barely know simply because it is a social platform.
I know someone that had to verbally attack and insult a guy that commented inappropriately on her post on Facebook. Though, I felt she should have deleted his comment and cautioned him on a private basis, she was probably so upset she had to just bare her mind.
These and many more, are some of the behaviours of people on Facebook that makes me think I should write a book on SOCIAL MEDIA COURTESY.  That was on a lighter mood anyway but people need to learn how to address strangers on social media. You agree?