I recently found myself in a round table meeting where new members of an executive council were to be selected based on appraisal. Issues like this are very subjective and others’ opinion is what matters most.

People were judged based on their punctuality, personal interaction, responsibility, tolerance, maturity as well as ability to perform excellently in the position they were to occupy.
I found the comments and commendations of myself and other members of the team amazing.

It is shocking how much they know of people they meet and how they conclude on their personalities despite meeting them for a short period.

Here is the  scenario,

File  A is picked up, some of us shake our heads and say he is not responsible, others says he is not punctual, another person says he is too jovial and barely takes things seriously. Case concluded (even the Bible says, “At the mouth of two or three witnesses, the truth is established”) and the person is not selected!

File B is picked, some support and others reject. we vote and decide based on the majority or which faction brings forth a strong reason.

File D is selected and every one agrees that he is responsible and hardworking and despite not been the most fluent speaker, he will perform well.

It left me wondering what impression we leave on people’s mind and I decided to live more responsibly because we never know who will be in a position to recommend us for our dream BIG BREAK. So if I may ask what will your neighbour, colleague or subordinate say about you?