Happy new year to you my esteemed blog reader.  It is a new year and my hopes are high, how about you? I am sharing this article from Taiwo Odesola – a very lovely lady who thought it nice to share a story with us. Taiwo is a social worker, youth lover, ardent advocate of  sexual purity  and a christian blogger who blogs @ www.purewrites.wordpress.com
Enjoy and Share! 
Christmas 2017, I was an innocent young Christian lady although an executive in my fellowship (IVCU).
The holidays came and I went home, as usual it was a time to meet with my friends and catch up on a lot of gist. I was very eager to tell them about my new Christian experience and my fellowship activities, but on the contrary, they had other experiences for me which made me develop cold feet in sharing mine. They had various exciting outings, dates, hook ups through out the year, each of them recounting in excitement. 
I felt like a fish out of water, nevertheless I mingled anyways. 
Then, it happened, Tade my old school mate chatted me up and invited me for some outing in the evening of Christmas.  I felt so elated at his invite as I saw it as an avenue for me to ‘explore’  and ‘experience’ what my friends had been talking about.
At 6:00pm, I dressed in a red flare gown that suit  the season, held  my clutch stylishly, and off I went…
At Richbam Restaurant, I sighted Tade glancing through his phone, as our eyes met, he rose to offer a hug, I felt reluctant at first, but gave in, after all there is no harm in hugging, even my fellowship brethren are fond of greeting that way.
His embrace was so warm, and his scent was so mesmerizing that I wished he would not let go. 
“You look really sexy, and I miss you’,  he spoke to me softly. I blushed so much that I  forgot to respond.
After much talk, he asked me if I was in a relationship, I responded negatively, this was because, there is a rule in my fellowship against dating of any form while in service.
He then asked me to date him, I did not know exactly what to say, but deep down, I knew my body  wanted him desperately. Giving it a trial would not be a crime,  “I will  think about it”. I finally said after finding my tongue.
The outing that night did not end without kisses and soft erotic touches.
Getting home that night, I glanced through my phone and saw a message from my fellowship Coordinator, wishing me merry Christmas and encouraging me not to leave Christ out of my celebrations, He charged me to keep the fire burning so as not to return back to campus a wounded soldier.
I collapse weakly to my knees as my feet could no longer carry me after reading the message.
 “O Lord” I cried out in repentance, I had let down my guards; I had allowed my emotions to overrule. I rededicated my life to Christ that night amidst tears. How could I celebrate Jesus’ birth in such an erotic and sinful way?
I regained my peace, after a long sincere prayer and soaking of my pillow with tears. 
So, in the  year 2018, I determined to Keep Christ during  Christmas, by joining an online campaign called
“Keep Christ in Christmas ” which started around November, it gave me an  ample opportunity to reach out to those who might fall prey like me. It enabled me to understand and celebrate Christmas the right way.
Here am I,  just coming  back from an outreach to the rural areas, telling people about Jesus’ love. I also had the opportunity of  participating in a program  tagged; TLC(Touching Lives at Christmas) under the umbrella of ” The Kingdom Project”. I felt so fulfilled…
Another Christmas gone and  I am glad I did not celebrate it trivially….
The holidays are over and it is a new year. Peradventure you came in with guilt from not spending the holidays to please God; Here is the good news, You can make it right.

Brush off the guilt, repent today and make your ways right with God. He loves you!