Hi there and a happy new year to you.

At the end of the last year, many of us would have assessed the year and looked into things we did not do right or did poorly well. We probably have valued ourselves and moved into this year with the resolve to do a lot of things better.

I know a number of us may have penned a number of things to do this year but trust me, its not that easy to change. Old habits like they say-die hard.

So, I am throwing it to you that rather than pen down a million and one things to work on this year, why not pick just a few, say one or two and decide to concentrate all your efforts on them so as to achieve a better  result.

Let me get a little personal, I like food! Yes food! Everything about food- from the shopping for it, cooking it, dressing it and eating it. I like it colourful and attractive. So, this year I have resolved to do a lot more of healthy eating and improve on my wellness. Hopefully one day, I would have a food blog as well or go into owning a restaurant

That is one, let me spare you the other. What do you resolve to do better this year? Share!