Hi there, happy new week and happy new month.

Very often, the society has given us the wrong perception of normal and abnormal.

Like someone once gave an illustration, what if humans had three legs, three eyes, one ear e.t.c we- the audience squeezed our faces. But he wanted to drive home the point that, it would be normal. After all, that is how everyone will look so we wouldn’t see it as awkward.

So, the society has a norm, once majority does it, it is counted normal.

Get out of college, get a good job and get married- that is normal. Anything short of that, even people that did not contribute a dime to your life will suddenly think they have an opinion.

Get married and have children- anything different is a problem.

You graduate from school and want to do volunteer work or start a small business instead of working for an organisation – you will be termed crazy.

Life has no absolutes, things are different for everyone. The most important thing is to find fulfillment in life.

That said, have a great week. CHEERS.