Hi there…so Aanu  Odedere is here this beautiful Friday with a lovely piece…I am not sure if to describe it as a poem or a prose or something inbetween but  I sure know it carries deep meaning.

This is dedicated to people who arent tall  or have any defect and have had to bear a lot of tauntings from people. Do enjoy and SHARE. Thanks


Dark people in the Sub-Sahara often think;
Big bodies bring large wealth
They set their big parties and tents
For the men with the pot – bellies,
I think those tummies must be filled with currencies.

Centuries ago, the headmaster would shut the school gates;
Refusing the child with a short hand a place,
The village giants dominate the playground,
While the ‘dwarfs’ watch in hopeless stare.

A bowl filled with beans was the appropriate daily course;
Disregarding the ultimate pressure on the bowels,
Which was soon replaced with the 8-inches block heels,
At the expense of aching joints;
Lest suitors passed by, without noticing  the tiny princess.

The great Apostle paul did not have the heights,
but Nations listened to His VOICE,
In life, there are no unsummontable limitations,
Except those created by our minds.
Professional achievement is not set by stature,
Neither does the brain function better on tall bodies,
And Laurels are not meant for weak minds.

So I choose to sit on the shoulders,
Of the one who sits in heaven and makes the earth His footstool,
I am set above limitations and principalities,
I no longer fear great heights
Because that is where I live.

Therefore I smile and say,
I am short yet strong,
I am left-handed and still rule,
I am fat yet beautiful,
His strength is made perfect in my weakness,
There are no disabilities in me,
And my limitations are my standing points!

* It is not by power,nor might, nor heights.*