Hi dearly esteemed blog readers. This is a funny but thought-provoking piece from Paul Fasoro, kindly read and be sure to drop your comments, we appreciate it greatly. Thanks.

Congratulations to Opeyemi Edema (I don’t know the new surname yet) on her wedding. Congrats to the Groom. In the light of that, I am writing this piece on marriage.

I had an experience on my way to Ibadan one morning. As usual, we all got into the bus at Ogbomoso and paid the driver. After the garage protocols were completed, the driver took off. The journey looked like it would be a long boring one. I was wrong!

By the time we got to Agric area, we heard two voices from the rear part of the 18-seater bus. Two beautiful ladies were quarreling. They cursed and swore at each other, and just like most public fights, the curses left the horizon of our vehicle to meet their parents who must innocently be at some place.

Every passenger looked on with a mixture of awe and disdain as these people intruded our peace without any plan for apologies. Jaws dropped, mouths opened wide with confusion, I figured that every other passenger in the vehicle will be having the same question on their minds; what could have caused this fight?

Further still, the fight became threats such as “I will fling you out of the car” and “if not that the vehicle was moving, I would have shown you that I’m more insane than you”.
Then lady A told lady B that she would meet her “Evil” in the future, and lady B responded sharply…

“Even if you are a witch or wizzard, nothing will happen to me ……in Jesus’ name”

There was turmoil in the vehicle, as everybody was surprised any of them knew Jesus.

I asked myself, if it was the same Jesus I met, who saved me, shaped my life and gave me peace, that she was referring to!

Well, after some sharp rebuke from elders in the vehicle, the fight died down, but my mind raced.

Truly, these ladies are beautiful, and some guy would buy an expensive ring, kneel on one knee, with an innocent look on his face and a crammed poem on his lips and ask her to marry him!

I feel pity him!

When we got to Ibadan, these girls parted way, and I went my way too. I was in a rush, I could have asked for their names. But this is a note of warning to all unmarried people out there, these two girls are out there and many others of their types, in your streets, in your churches, your villages, offices and even your house. Beware oh!