So its the 8th of march and despite having so much on my plate, I just have to write something.

A big shout out to my grand ma for supporting all her children to the best of her ability.

Another one goes to my mum who is incomparably strong. I don’t know how she does it. For  supporting all her children, being our confidant and biggest fan and for trying to bring out the best in us. You are too much ma.

Shout out to all ladies and young women around me who have pursued their dreams despite all obstacles; Who wouldn’t be deterred by challenges and who dream big. You are all wonderful.

Shout out to the older women who have helped their childern to the best of their ability. You are all amazing.

Shout out to women all around the world who have suffered rape, violence, assault and various forms of injustice but yet haven’t allowed themselves to be pitied but have stayed strong. You are blessed.

Shout out to the younger generation who may or may not have those to look up to. Remember to be someone to be looked up to.

To every woman out there,  remember to love yourself. CHEERS.