Hi there, this is a short piece by Aanu Odedere. She has shared this post on her facebook wall but she sent to me to post in the blog. It is a new year wake up call.


(It is a new term and pupils are gathered in the creative arts room to draw their best).

“Hi Josh, Can I practice on your slate?”


“Why? You always borrowed me each time i asked.”

“Not again” he insisted

“Please” he said begging his friend.

Then he turned with much anger in his eyes and said, “I have had enough of the mess you usually use my slate for, This time around I am keeping it clean and drawing something grand on it’

Just then the creative arts’ teacher passed by and Josh beckoned to him.
“Hi Josh”

“Hello teacher, please can you teach me how to draw something grand and beautiful?”

“Of course” he grabbed his hand with excitement and they began to draw.
* * *   ***       ***
It’s another new year with a new slate. What are you writing on it. Are you still allowing the same decisions that ruined you to rule you.

You don’t want to make the same mistakes. You are not volunteering your life for the devil to mess up with. Am sure your dreams are grand and beautiful, then allow God to lead you into a future of great hope (Jer 29 vs 11).