There was just a seat left and I was beckoned upon if I wanted a ride,
On the bus named SUCCESS I hopped thinking a free and luxurious ride it will be
But then I was greatly mistaken ‘cos the journey was not as easy as I thought
DETERMINATION was the driver and DILIGENCE was the conductor,
The door was slammed shut with a note of finality as I entered
And I knew I was in for it.
The journey started shortly and on the bus I met other commuters,
Some, I made friends with and some just did not seem to care.
We went for hours on end, curvy roads, uphill and downhill
Tried dogging pot-holes and maneuvering bends,
Really dangerous journey we took but it was worth it at last
Miss LAZINESS could not cope and therefore decided to rest, we left her
Old Pa EXPERIENCE thought he knew a better route and decided to alight
Madam PROCASTINATION felt she could continue on another day and so decided to go back.
However the driver DETERMINATION was not deterred by that, with DILIGENCE with him;
He know they will reach their destination- FULFILMENT PALACE
On the journey continued, for days on end until finally we got there
Me- DESTINY and my friends- DOGGED and RUGGED
We made it at last! DON’T GIVE UP