Hallo to you dear reader, this is some word of encouragement from Tobi Olakojo- a Pharmacist cum Entrepreneur. This post is highly relevant to me more than anyone else. Please be nice enough to share. Many Thanks!


I find it quite interesting that while some think January is the longest of the months, some of us are of a contrary opinion that it ended too soon, if you are a ‘salary payer’ you will understand better.

Now, whether you are still basking in the euphoria of the New Year or you are excited that the long January is eventually over, the reality remains that one month is gone and we have eleven to go in 2018 which is also gradually ticking away.

It is therefore pertinent to encourage you to live each day in excitement and pursuit of your dreams and visions; giving your life into building those dreams you have as well as making impact in your immediate and extended environment.

Perhaps you have crafted out and articulated some beautiful plans and aspirations for purpose fulfillment in the year and now it seems as if nothing is indicating a marked difference from the past year(s) or you feel so unfortunate that you are not better equipped to fulfill your dreams, it could also be that in your own case you’re just tired of trying because nothing you’ve tried is working.

We all at one point in time  we feel that we deserve to live a better life but we are at disadvantage, because those folks  we look up to and whom we admire due to where they are presently have all passed the same stage. Let it sink, that they also have had moments at  crossroads of critical decision making, moments of pessimism that it won’t work; moments when fear of unknown and questions like “what if” cross their minds intermittently.

The common denominator to them however is that these people remained tenacious, they pressed on and they never gave up so easily.

If you are reading this piece and you are downcast because of your job or you do not even have one, the state of your health is deteriorating, or you’re heartbroken or you’ve lost someone something very dear to you; it is time to move on and stop reliving the past, the year is fast winding down already and you need to make it count.

Have a good grip of your life and time, throw away all forms of self pity, stop procrastinating, come out of depression and glide your way to achieving unprecedented success. With God on your side, you can achieve much more.

Cheers from me, Tobi to you who just finished reading this. In the spirit of Love, please share this piece with someone.Thanks