Good day to my dear blog readers,

Like I promised to give you varied content, today we will be talking about fitness. 💪
My main man had been nudging (more realistically shoving) me to start exercising after I added quite some substantial amount of baby fat but I thought it would be stressful. 😑😏 
Anyways, after weaning my baby, I felt it was time.  So gradually, I prepped myself and started sometimes late last year.  I either jogged/ran or did some brisk walk for several kilometers. 
To be truthful, the first time was hectic, all tight bolts got loosed (you know what I mean?) but soon afterwards, I loved it (let me skip the details of me being robbed on one of the days). 
Asides trying to loose weight, it was more of trying to be fit. My work schedule does not allow me that luxury of fixed times but whenever I could not go jogging for a while, I usually feel very uneasy. 
Last Saturday was my first time this month and of course I went with hubby (the gist of when I went alone is for another day).  Jogging was fun as usual and then I saw someone jog past breathing very heavily. It was the heavy breathing that caught my attention and I noticed he had a face mask on. 
“Sir, it is a regular face mask and ordinarily will filter your breath” I wanted to yell but you know what they say about minding one’s business? 
He jogged past me and my mind returned to my own exercise.
When jogging, you are doing more work and need more supply of oxygen. You should NOT be putting on regular masks. I took a second look and noticed, he had it below his nostrils. 
Oh well. 
He probably had it on his nostrils initially, saw that breathing was difficult and decided to pull it down a bit. 
However, when jogging we most times breathe with both our nose and mouth and using as face mask to cover either can result in difficulty in breathing and even a collapse. 
So, as much as we are supposed to put on face masks when outdoor or in clustered spaces. You should not be using a regular face mask when jogging. 
For now, there are no agreed or standardised masks for exercise although there are some masks in the market that people recommend but I cannot say for certain. Thus it is best to keep quite some distance from other people for fear of infections
How TO and NOT TO wear a face mask
I REPEAT – do not exercise with a regular face mask!
That said, ensure to stay safe and keep fit till I come your way again. 
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