Happy new week! don’t always forget that it is a privilege to be alive. This week I am bringing you snippets from 101 SIMPLE TRUTHS, one of Adeolu Akinyemi’s books that I have in my possession. Pause, Ponder and Act!

¤ Successful people sleep late. Failures also sleep late. The difference is what they stay awake doing. Where you will be in 10 years is a projection of what you are spending today for or investing it on.

¤ Where you are today is your fault. Where you will be tomorrow is your choice. If you decide not to decide, you have decided. Nobody was born to lose,  we were all born to choose!

¤ Everything that happened to you before now, good or bad,  has prepared you for this very hour, seize the moment

Enough said for this week, stay tuned for more some other time. I wish you and myself a successful week! CHEERS!