Happy new week to you my esteemed blog readers! Never forget to be grateful  to God for life. It is another opportunity for a second chance!

Again, this week, I am bringing you another quote on happiness. To be happy, we need to avoid too lengthy meditation of the past!

Some people record their past conversation that resulted in a hurt! They store it somewhere either in written or electronic form or in their subconscious mind and from time to time, go back to read or listen to it or rehearse it. This only makes the person unhappy anew!

Rather than put up reminders of our regrettable past around us, we should put up exciting unforgettable experience whose thoughts opens up the spring of happiness in us.

I know someone who has  different jokes plastered on his wall in his office!

This is  a very good idea, some people always put up hilarious pictures and memes as their display picture on social media to lighten their mood and spread some cheer as well.

Some put up exciting memories as their phone’s wallpaper and every time they turn on their phone, it brings a smile to their face.

So bottom line, avoid lengthy meditation of the past and move forward to be a happy person!

Have a cheerful week! CHEERS!