Hi there…happy new month and happy independence to our beloved country- NIGERIA.

I have a first-timer on board today- ‘LEKE OKUESO.  I shared a post some days ago and although he has already shared this piece on his facebook page…he thought I should still share it on my blog to butress my point.

First he brings the lyrics of a song  to us and He caps it up with his own words. It brings to mind a song I love so much – prayer for a friend by  Casting crowns.

So as you read this piece…do well to send a word of prayer to God on behalf of your friends, known and unknown persons and for yourself. You never can tell who is in dire need of it. 


You think for someone I Call “DADDY” I’ll know what to say…
I’ll just call Him when I’m ready and ask a million things.
But usually I’m more comfortable whether in the crowd or if I’m alone to tell the maker from my heart what I need and what I want….

But……I’m weary……
Wasn’t supposed to get weary….
But I did…..Oh I did.

So won’t you pray over Me?
Don’t wanna sound lazy or demanding
But my spirit is getting tired
And my heart is getting weak
And I know you can’t carry this alone
So please take it to the throne for me till I have a word to speak….I need you to pray over me.

And I know and I know and I know I should call on Jesus,sweet Jesus
Yes I know and I know that nobody can hold be like Jesus ,sweet Jesus
And I want and I want to call on Jesus Oh Jesus…… BUT I’m weary…..
Please pray over me.

#lyrics by Jamie Grace

Lord help as many of your kids that are weary and tired and almost giving up at this time.
Help as many whom prayers and spiritual things don’t make sense to anymore due challenges of life.
Help those who have been betrayed,bruised,battered, wounded,hurt,injured…..those who are discouraged and frustrated and are at the verge of giving up.

Most importantly….help us to pray for ourselves.

P.S…be nice enough to share.