Hi there, It is a new week and a new month. I hope it is starting on a great note? Today’s post is one of my random thoughts.


So, I recall hearing this analogy when I was young: of someone complaining that “the whole of Lagos is occupied, there is not land available, everywhere is congested etc” and the speaker went on to ask  “do you have the money to buy the land?” and he replied in the negative.

The speaker went on to let the person know that once you have some money set aside, you begin to see the land. It is then you will notice the empty land next door that the children in the environment  play football on; is actually a potential land for building owned by someone. It is then you will notice the uncompleted building that has served as hideouts for street urchins all these years.

I heard that most likely during my teenage years and from time to time it flashes to my conscious mind.

We have time for what we create time for, when we have a will to do something, all barricades are somehow too small or totally invisible and we begin to see possibilities. Recently, I got a stir to pursue something and then I went online and I saw many options. Something that I had been nudged to do all along but I kept seeing all the impossibilities. Now, I am wondering what took me so long?

Do not wait like me, develop the will power you need to achieve all that your heart desires; only then will you begin to see the possibilities. Cheers!