Hi dear blog reader, I trust that you are doing well. Do not worry when it seems things are not exactly falling in place, just hang in there and keep your head above the water. Very soon, it will make sense.


Just a random thought,

I was wondering why we have too much expectations from those close to us more than those distant to us.

We have a long inexhaustible list of expectations in our head. We want them to be smart, compassionate, understanding, ever smiling, a shoulder to cry on, always loving, career driven, homely, up and doing etc

Along the line we become too demanding and sometimes drive them beyond limits.

This same list of expectations have driven many to commit suicide, made many dabble in dubious and illegal things just to fit the expectations of people and some have totally lost their self esteem because they can not seem to meet up.

I think it is time for some self-evaluation and there is a need for us to come to terms with the fact that these people around us are just as humane as we are – full of flaws. That way, we can accommodate their inadequacies.

Just thinking…what say ye?