I am typing at past midnight. My mind is jumbled!  So much has been happening within my personal space, in my country and the world as a whole. Everyone else looks fine or so I think and I am wondering how are you all staying sane though? We are always posting our latest outing or birthday or celebrating one thing or the other.

Me(wondering): are we actually fine or we are just pretending to be fine?

My bad, I can not thank you enough! Yes you, diehard fan and reader of my blog. The last time I ranted was months ago, yet I keep seeing the stats increasing. Tell me…why do you come for more? Anyways, I guess you are just curious like me or perhaps even more. THANK YOU.

I can not seem to understand it when people gather in groups and discus the problems around us. Trust me, by the time they are three sentences in, I ask that we change the subject. There is so much bad to talk about that I would rather remain in denial.

Oh, the endless discussions on my former classmates WhatsApp group about the enormous problems facing humans especially Nigerians – I cannot deal. I scroll to the last message and it will show that I read it but I did not. I am not sure why I keep opening the messages on that group, I guess my curiosity would not let me leave a message unread whereas I most times do not actually read it. Weird right?

I have stayed away from social media more because let’s just say I need to focus more on things I can control.

So, I would like to ask, how do you all stay sane or are we just pretending to be sane?

How do you relax? And do you actually relax?

Those lovely-dovey pictures, are they real or do we just want to share the good times?

That job that you are celebrating 3 years in, do you truly love it or is it just a survival option?

I have my down moments…like really really low, days when I want to pack everything and run…and keep running.

I also have the high moments…when one of my wishes come true.

And I have many days in-between…when I am just taking it in as it comes.

I go for early morning walks more now because even though I am not loosing any weight I always feel pumped for the day.

I will never reject an opportunity to hangout because aside work and family, I want to connect with real people.

I love to pray and engage in religious activities. I most often come back clear-headed.

I am desperately looking to go on a vacation too (you might want to give me options and perhaps sponsor me…Laughs) and oh I want to finally learn how to ride a bicycle (I am excited).

Enough ranting…how do you stay sane, Fam?

Let’s talk in the comment section. See you there.