This HR life – they did not give me the full memo!

So, from my last post which you will find here: you can see that I scheduled people for interviews.

One of the Candidates that asked for the salary ahead said she will get back to me if she can make the interview. Fam, I am still waiting!

I have been ghosted but we move!

I scheduled those that picked and confirmed that they would be around.

Candidate 1: Did not show up, did not call, did not say any damn thing.

Candidate 2 : Did not show up, did not call or send a message.

Candidate 3 : Showed up 20 minutes earlier, had a very good composure and impressed me.

And then out of the blues, Candidate 2 shows up.

Me: Oh, come with me but why are you late?

Candidate 2: there was an accident on the road.

Me: but you could have called or sent a message to notify me.

Candidate 2: I did not want to start with excuses

Me: it still boils down to the same thing. I had literally marked you absent and cancelled.

Candidate: God forbid.

Me: (smirks) alright, can I meet you.

The Candidate maintained 20% eye contact all through the interview.

Candidate 4: Did not show up and that was the second time she was scheduled and did not show up after agreeing to come.

Who do you think I will give a preference?

Anyways, the crux of my rant is why will you agree to an interview, decide not to attend and not feel the need to notify the person.

Plain rude!

I have been in a team where once the candidate does not come after 15 minutes, the HR manager cancels entirely.

A text message stating that you are cancelling or rescheduling or you are running late is a basic etiquette!


Oh, Candidate 4 just left. She finally came thirty minutes afterwards, gave an excuse of  missing her way and when I probed further, she left her house twenty minutes to the scheduled time to a place where you have never been.

I give up!

The height was she wore a t-shirt, jean trouser and a flat casual slippers!

I was in too much shock to ask all the necessary questions.

A slippers??? What is going on please? Not even a fancy heeled slippers?

No, before you come saying maybe that is what she has, she is working in a reputable organisation and just needed a part-time job and I am sure she can not be putting on casual slippers to work.

What happened to putting your best foot forward?

I think I need to do a full video!

Let’s talk in the comment section.