I have been writing this post for over a month although I shot two fun and interesting videos consecutively. Find it here and here.

I think I had writers’ block or maybe I was just plain busy; I write a few lines and adulthood duties calls again. Today, I am successfully finishing it.

I am here with one of my rants!


Do you think it is a scam?

As an inquisitive teenager, I usually wonder what it was like to be an adult. I bet you did as well. One striking thought was it must be very easy as an adult to make heaven. (don’t laugh)

You do not have all the many distractions and cares of the teenage life; all you had to do was go out, make money, get married, have children and be happy.

I also remember one of my childhood acquaintances mentioned one day that he wanted to get married before the rapture takes place.

Funny right?

He is married now and I am almost sure if he is asked now, he will say he probably has a few other things to achieve. (laughs)

Sitting with young adults and having conversations with them. They are finding it difficult to grasp what adulthood actually entails.

They had all been in a hurry to get to adulthood, but what they did not realise was the responsibilities and demands of adulthood.

Didn’t we all?

And one day, we suddenly realise it is not all fun and games. We find out it not only comes with some level of freedom but also with high level of expectations. Expectations from our friends, family, the society and even ourselves. We then find ourselves struggling, having bouts of depression or very low moments. We are happy to be older but we feel we have not done enough for each age.

Suddenly, we desire everything on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Someone I know always looks at a child and say, “I envy you, I wish I was young again”

Well, we cannot be young again so it’s high time to let that sink in.

Why don’t we just take things one day at a time and live the moment to the best of our ability and resources.

Nothing is ever permanent in life so we have to keep adapting and improving.

Another quarter of the year is gone,

What’s your take?

Have you achieved anything on your bucket list for the year?

Are there things you wished you had done at a younger age?

Do you think adulthood is a scam?

Let’s know what you think in the comment section. Cheers to the new month.