Today is somewhat slow. I slept late. 

No, it was not because I worked late into the night. I was seeing a movie. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel you have been quite engrossed in work and  you even dream about work so you decided that this day, you want to loosen up a bit? 

Yesterday was that day. 

I have been doing a lot of work lately so last night on my way home, I started craving chicken pepper soup. Weird right? 

Well no, since I have a staple supplier of dried pepper soup powder (message me if you want the contact), all I did was get home, bring out some cooked chicken from the freezer and prepare myself a bowl of pepper soup. 

After a semi-light dinner (I hope you know what that means), I had a shower first and then gulped down my hot soup in a in few minutes. 

What next?

I turned to Netflix and indulged myself in an interesting series well into the night. 

I am not one for a series movie but the few that catch my fancy get me hooked. 

Mummy duties had me getting up early despite sleeping late and that is how my day started. 

One of the tasks my bucket list for the day was to review CVs and schedule interviews. 

Thumbs up to HR staff. 

You never should not blame anyone until you have worked in their shoes. My experience with recruitment is quite an interesting one that I will one day combine into a video on my Youtube Channel but for now, one most important and recurring issue that I am yet to understand is why a recruiter will call a candidate to schedule an interview and before even asking for the work hours or location, a candidate will be asking for the prospective salary.

Correct me if I am wrong but I find it entirely disturbing and rude. 

We have not even met, we have not decided if you will be hired, we have not agreed on your tasks and responsibilities. What if what you are offered sounds good but at the end, the responsibilities do not match the renumeration but you have agreed?

Let’s talk in the comment section. 

Do you think it’s right to ask for your salary before going for an interview?

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