Hi there, so it is your girl again, dropping her thoughts.

I have been on my own, carrying out my daily activities but my brain has been doing a replay or better still flash back to the significant and insignificant moments in the past. I remember how the smallest things of life can be so much fun or simply put how much fun I have had from the simple and basic things of life.

From the secondary school issues to the early university days to work force matters. Life is truly in stages. From secondary school when a girl like me is told to stay away from boys, then early university days when they stylishly begin to say, “You need to pray about marriage oh” and I roll my eyes like, “Biko, can you people first let the school work ‘cross’ pass over me first?” to the final days when the boys began to show interest truly and I am like “are you guys for real?”.

Having fun in things like trying to cook a new recipe and taking pictures to intimidate a friend, inviting friends or friends of friends for lunch or dinner, giving someone a surprise treat, watching fashion shows even when I would not likely follow half of what they are suggesting, trying a new look that was surprisingly cool (low cut). I remember going to the cinemas several times with different people to watch movies we can eventually get to see at our own convenience, its the fun in being one of those to watch it shortly after its release and the company that matters. And then I also love my alone-moments, where I can meditate, ponder, learn and re-learn.

Ok, so you see, I am a fairly adventurous person who likes to do the things that will make me happy, I recall going out with quite a number of people, in groups of two, three and  sometimes even more – afterall,  the more the merrier. Now, at some point, not just the usual going out, but going out for simple things as going to take pepper soup. Anytime that I recall those moments, I keep wondering what the rationale behind going that far is but its just the fun and company and enjoyment that matters.

And oh, I love to take pictures, recording every moment possible. Whenever I am going through my laptop and recalling my university days; final year fun packages, fellowship send-forths and strategic programs, pictures taken during birthday celebration of friends and random pictures taken when you feel you really look too good to not have a memory of the outfit. I relish those moments.

I have pictures of a lot of events but the brain seems to be the perfect store. Once in  a while, I experience a flashback and I sit alone, smiling. I realized that, life is actually about MOMENTS. Life is a string of millions or billions of moments containing the good, the bad, the planned and the unpredictable.  I realized that life is easier when we take it in bits, when we forget the past and enjoy each guaranteed moment because it can never be restored. So as the month of September kick-starts, dear Reader, make up your mind to enjoy each moment just as I am making up my mind. That said, I wish you a great month. CHEERS!