HELLO my highly esteemed blog readers. Thank God its Friday! I trust your week has gone very well.  Here is a very deep piece by Aanu Odedere –  A researcher cum writer and a teenagers’ coach. I hope you pick up the key lesson and remember to share. Merci beaucoup!

He walks the street every morning,
You greet him daily with a sweet voice and a wave of hand,
He responds with a nod.
‘He is so proud’; you concluded in your mind.
‘He is dumb’; your neighbour told you one morning,
When you responded to his nod with an hiss (after greeting).
His nod is the shade;

because he has no voice.
She rushes home after every service,
You try to talk to her but she disappears with the speed of light.
She doesn’t have the heart to serve God, you concluded.
But she has a sick child at home she has to attend to,
Who wakes up 3 hours after taking his drugs.
The church is the shade;

because she finds hope there.
Her baby cries a lot during the day,
Everyone screams at her to breastfeed the child
But she keeps giving the child substitute formula,
You conclude she is too fashion conscious (a fashionista) and doesn’t want her breast to sag.
But she has an health condition that wouldn’t allow her breastfeed.
She can only look helplessly when people shout on her.
Silence is her shade;

because she cannot explain to everyone the reason not to breastfeed.
He is such an handsome young lad with a charming smile,
He is your friend and you share your lunch with him,
He never brings lunch to school,
He never allows you visit him,
He has a nice cardigan he is not willing to share with you.
Then you concluded he is ungrateful, selfish and secretive.
But his cardigan is his shade from the harsh weather at night;
because he lives under the bridge.
Don’t judge people, until you know what they are passing through.
Behind every smile is a cross.
Review your relationships and give everyone a benefit of doubt this year.
Happy new month!