Hallo to you, my blog reader. This is the sequel of  last post on shades. I loved that piece as much as you did! And in case you missed it, kindly scroll down on the blog once you open www.thepenwriters.com, before long you will see the post. Gracias.
She is a colleague at work,
And you share same staff quarters,
She has an habit of wearing at least two different clothes per day.
She earns an average salary and keeps buying lots of clothes.
She is not prudent and too materialistic, you concluded. 
But she perspires a lot, and despite anti-perspirant deodorant (she still has body odour). 
Her dress sense is her shade;
because it saves her the embarrassment caused by body odour.

You exhibit all the 5 love languages to her,
But she rejects your gifts,
You are good friends but she never agrees to a single hangout,
Other guys get her attention but you get none.
Then you concluded she doesn’t love you or you are not good enough for her. 
But she is trying to make a decision that would be best for you two, 
Her ‘distance’ is her shade;
because she needs to keep the purity vow, and can’t sustain that with you close by.
He is 35years and works in a bank,
He leaves home early in the morning and comes home late at night,
He hardly has a friend in the neighborhood, 
He is a workaholic, no wonder he is not married, you concluded.
But he has a debt incurred by his ex, he has to pay with 70% of his salary.
And he is not willing to bring another woman into debt and financial stress.
His work is his shade;
because it keeps him too busy with little worries.
Not every one smiling is happy,  
They might be going through a hard time.
The one who lends you, may not have enough.
The one who makes you laugh, may be crying through the night.
The one who encourages you, might have lost hope in self.
Take time to check on those who are always there for you,
They might have a secret pain.
Surprise your mentors with occasional visits,
Sometimes the caregiver needs care too.
Make extra effort to pray for those who pray for you,
Because the shepherd needs support too.
Say hello to that moody colleague,
It might be all she needs to survive the day.
No one is too rich to receive,
And no one is too poor to give.
Don’t assume everyone is fine, Ask.
Ask because you care,
Ask because you love,
Ask because they won’t talk until you do,
Ask even when it’s hard,
Ask when you feel unappreciated.
Be the person others can lean on,
Be the reason they remove their shades,
And leave them unashamed after they do.
Thanks Aanu for this soul searching piece. Dear readers, I know you have learnt one or two things, kindly share with us in the comments section. Thanks.