Hi there…so its me, your girl dropping this thought provoking piece. ENJOY.


Years ago I listened to a TED talk by the famous  Chimamanda Adichie on the danger of a single story and I couldn’t but agree with her that we all are apt to make lopsided conclusions of people, nations and situations.

We seat on our armchairs, listen to one side of the story, watch the news, flip through blogs and social media platforms and make our conclusions. I really wish we are not like that.

Here is a gist, I was chatting with a Nigerian friend in India and during the course of our conversation I asked him how life was at his end. He asked me what exactly I meant and I went to further ask him if India was as unsafe as it is portrayed on the news…especially the rape issues.

He went on to respond to me that it is also a crime just as the bomb blasts at our end and the obvious display of terrorism in Nigeria.

I got his message, I told him that every part of the world has its attendant issues and if one pays attention to only what is portrayed online, one would think half of Nigeria has been wiped off and every damn remaining person is a terrorist.

Next he told me one of his lecturers saw him and asked him “how is boko haram?”. He said he was quite shocked at first and couldn’t even recall his response to the lecturer.

I exclaimed but then I realized that I was just as guilty and already had an idea that India is a no-go-area for a female tourist because  I had heard bizarre things from bus rape to various other crimes. I am skeptical of travelling to American countries because gun control is ‘shaky’ and one unstable person can decide to shoot everyone at a restaurant.

However, people are still living there, healthy, normal and rational.

Bottom line is; as much as we are tempted to look at one side of issues and make conclusions, we must also look at the other sides of things; like Nigerians are a happy bunch of people who find comic relief in almost any situation, like the Indians are technologically making waves, like the liberty of rights in America and so on.

That said…do stay calm. CHEERS