My HIGHLY CHERISHED Blog readers! I hope you are all doing well.
That is how the whole of May went and I did not post anything! (Covers face)
I am sorry! The month was quite eventful for me but I promise to do better!
Even if it is a post letting you in on my thoughts or some random rants. I cross my heart!

So, I have been thinking about how much time I (We) spend on social media and on our Phones!

For some of us, data is not just oxygen, it is our life, we cannot bear to be without data connection for a minute. Some of us (including me)  have data subscriptions on multiple lines in case the network on a line is bad, we effortlessly switch to the other (they all can’t be crazy at the same time. Lol).

Some people have close to 20  or more tweets per day and also respond to as many others as possible and I am wondering if they sleep on Twitter! Instagram is another kettle of fish, there are those who even compete to be the first to comment on ‘celebrities’ posts as if there is a reward for it.

Gradually, minutes are turning to hours and days and many people waste money and time for fruitless things.

I recently started putting a check on how much time I spend on social media apps and ensured that as much as I want entertainment, I also add value to myself from posts, articles and comments of intellectuals.

If you find yourself getting addicted, look out for ways to cut off. I discovered that some people go to the extent of deleting some of these apps from their phones for a while to overcome the addiction.

So, if you are not making money from these platforms, learning something meaningful or being some sort of influence, I suggest you start to reduce time spent and focus such time on meaningful things.

That said, I hope this new Month  of June brings you UNLIMITED JOY!

P.S: Watch for my next post!