It wasn’t until last year that I decided to try basmati rice and Oh, I loved it. My Husband and I hosted a few dinners at the end of the year and I made use of basmati rice to make fried rice and trust me, it was a totally different taste. 
Forgive me, Hi everyone!
How are you all doing? It has been a long long while. This has been a very trying and dramatic time for the world and  I hope you are staying safe.  
I am trying to put more structure in my blog and thus you would see contents around Food, Fitness, Health and General information.
Today, Let’s talk about food. 
What is your best food? Mine is RICE.
How creative are you with food? I try.
Are you like me who likes to cook, eat and try to be creative with food? You should be!
Now, about trying something different with food;
Let’s get back to my story. If you have ever eaten my fried rice, you would agree that it is more of a veggies rice (I don’t know if something like that exist though), I use a lot vegetables. 
So when the Covid-19 situation was getting worse and a total lockdown was imminent, we decided to stock up on food. Hubby who had already fallen in love with basmati rice insisted that we buy enough to store. Great move uhn?
However, one of the brands I bought always mashed together whenever i use to prepare fried or Jollof rice and that defeats the whole essence. I also remember visiting Nkoyo Restaurant in Abuja 

Nkoyo with the great ambience
 and they had this beautiful looking and delicious dish consisting of cooked basmati rice, veggies and crab stew/gravy. 
The dish at Nkoyo Restaurant (they should pay me for this advert right? lol)
My creative self  decided to try something different from the regular fried rice and prepare a similar dish to what I got the last time I visited that restaurant. And here are the steps:
1- Cook white basmati rice with a little addition of butter to add flavour and salt to taste as usual.
2- Make a vegetable stir fry with any mixture of proteins that you prefer.
3- Make peppered stew (as a loyal Yoruba girl that I am)

    vegetables including carrot, bell pepper, green beans, cucumber. You can add spring onions and other veggies you desire .
Stir fry veggies, basmati rice, pepper stew…in that order.
A short video.
Food is served.
You can try this in different ways and give me the full gist.
Cheers! And don’t forget to drop your comments on the blog.
P.S: For weight watchers, remember that rice has a high glycemic index so portion control is VERY IMPORTANT.