How quick we are to give excuses for our wrong doing- things are different now!,the world is corrupt, everybody is doing it, it just doesn’t really matter, there is pollution, I can’t help it and so on.
I remember that they used to tell us that the outside world was way different from the campus world and I have found that very true.
It’s shocking what people do for Money, the places they go for fame, how cheap and petty they become just to be rich.They sacrifice their honour, integrity and soul on the altar of wealth. Many forget that it’s only the blessings of God that makes one rich and adds no sorrow to it.
However, one  part of THE BIBLE that makes me cringe is the part that says’ where sin did abound, Grace did much more abound’. It therefore means that no matter the perversion we find around us, We have no excuse to join them and  have enough reason to stay different. All we have to do is to daily kneel and ask for sufficient grace.
so when you discover you have lost it, find your way back to God and He will surely welcome you again. Have a grace-full week.