Hi dear blog readers,

Human beings have strange fantasies, it’s beyond comprehension! 

How can you be having a bad day and claim that Semo and Okro soup on a flight to Bali is what you need to feel better?

First off, Semoooo??? I’m not going to resort to slander, cool kids don’t do that. 

So let me tell you why I’m here or should I first introduce myself?

My name is Ebun and I like food. That’s all the ‘About the Author’ needed for this article.

Now to why I’m here:

It’s a Sunday afternoon; everyone is dragging their feet around the house looking for nothing in particular. The aroma of curry with a mixture of other food spices has taken over the house, the food must be really tasty or is our air freshener fake? I have a spoon in my mouth, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I’m saying I literally have a spoon in my mouth and my favourite white plate at my dinning seat. All in preparation for when the serving bowl lands on the dining table. I need to have a perfect mix of ‘first grade’ and bottom-pot, as always.

For the twelfth time, I make my way to the freezer to see if the drink I put there 15 minutes ago is frozen already.

Okay now, the house is beginning to smell of Dodo… the hour cometh, and now is… the bowl is making its way to the dining table. 

Women and Brethren, guess what we’re having for lunch- Jollof rice, Dodo and Fried beef dipped in stew. 

*takes a deep breath* 

Something like this!

Moments like this makes me want to transfer my entire balance to the person who made this meal.

Halfway into my meal, I remember my drink in the fridge and I dash towards the freezer.

And as I gulped down the last content of the bottle, I realise it’s actually 2 A.M in the morning and all the yarns in the last paragraph was just a fantasy about SUNDAY AFTERNOON JOLLOF being available round the clock. 

To be served fresh, hot and delicious, 24/7. 

Well, I wouldn’t call it a weird fantasy; would you?