Hi dear blog readers,

I hope you are doing well. I was so swamped lately, I almost crashed.

I hope you take out time to rest despite the race to survive/thrive.

Incase you missed out on the last blog post, do well to check.
To the crux of this blogpost.
The year, 2020 is a year that people stepped into with very high hopes.
Religious organisations had the “Vision 2020” mantra and pumped in hopes into her congregants about the year being the one where they would have their dreams fulfilled.
Many nations had their budget planned, the budgets had passed all forms of scrutiny and were ready for implementation.
Many companies had their yearly forecast done and I am certain there were organisations that already believed this year was their breakthrough year based on all the forecasts.
Let me not talk about individuals or families that had every plan mapped out and waiting execution (including myself).
And suddenly,
Corona virus ‘struck’. A full blown disease caused by a novel virus shut  the whole world down.
Businesses crashed.
People lost their jobs or means of livelihood.
Oil prices crashed (whereas some national budgets have been drafted around the initial price).
Prices of food hiked and at some point certain food became scarce.
People started dying en-mass either due to  COVID-19 or other illnesses.
Movement across the world became hindered or regulated.
A full pandemic came upon us.
Schools are still closed.
We are trying to adjust to the new normal; we do not know how long it will take.
On the lips of everyone is: “JUST BREATHE, JUST SURVIVE”
It’s up to you.
But one irony that is difficult to figure out is, there were people who survived and even more intriguing is there were people who thrived.
They probably did not have an 100% input into that but luck spined in their favour.
There are business owners who cashed out even in the midst of everything.
There are people who got their dream jobs.
There are those who had that baby they had been longing to have.
There are people who missed death by an hair’s breadth.
I can not say particularly what contributed to this but like me, I bet you would rather say to yourself that beyond surviving, I WILL THRIVE!
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