Hey my lovely blog readers, I recall telling you to watch out for my next post. So here it is.


Let’s talk about Television addiction and film watching addiction.

I recall when I was an undergraduate, there were students who were so addicted to watching movies; they do not mind sacrificing useful time to watch movies. Some students would carry their laptops to the class or library giving the impression that they are going to study but would end up spending hours watching movies.

As much as I like to balance things, I think there is time for everything.

Now, the height of this addiction is when at work, you meet a staff with eye bags, looking grumpy, unproductive and late and out of concern, you ask “what’s the problem?” and then the person tells you “I was watching movies late into the morning” without any form of remorse.

I keep wondering how people get to that point. I like watching television and have some shows that really catch my fancy but somehow I make sure I place priorities on things.

There are adults who get so addicted to television shows and movies that they can sacrifice anything to remain glued. Some persons  know all the latest movies around the world, have watched thousands of episodes of films and know when the next movie is being released.

Do not get me wrong, there are people who are in that career path, they are in the entertainment or media industry or their work or source of income has something to do with that and as long as it drives an income for them, then it is allowed.

But for the other set who have nothing to gain from such asides entertainment, I think it is best to remove excesses and focus on profitable things. Or what do you think?

Too much of everything is bad!

 That said, I am out of here till the next post comes. Cheers!