Hi there…Its been a while. I do hope life has been fair enough for you.

Few days ago… Americans elected a new President for themselves. Someone whom many international observers thought would not stand a chance. He won against all odds and  I picked up a very important lesson from that.


My mother usually says to me that when some people dont like you, dont bother yourself because there are many more out there who will love  you without any particular reason.

This I find absolutely true, just be yourself, you have more supporters than you think.

To  get more personal and digress a bit, I also  recently decided to cut my hair some months ago. Long before that,I had wanted the break very badly but anyone I mentioned it to always go against the idea because they felt I would look farther more below my age.

Well, one day I decided and before I have a change of heart I went to the salon and wore a new look. People were shocked but the feedback was more positive than I ever imagined. So many people admired the new look and I was astonished.

Again…I picked be a lesson.

To the crux of this piece, while you are trying to be as real and orgainc as possible…be the best version of YOU.

Dont settle for mediocrity, strive to be a better person…better at loving, at giving, at forgiving, at relating with people, at keep long term relationships, at reading, at learning new things e.t.c.

Donot be in competition with anyone than yourself…be a better YOU everyday. We see the motto of some instituitions saying ” strive to be the best”.  Well I think that is when you are competiting with people but I would prefer to say…strive to be better because there is always room for improvement.

That said…I wish you all the best as you strive to be better.

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