Hi there….so after a very long while…Aanu Odedere is back on stage today but this time she brought with her a lovely yet thought provoking poem. Enjoy and do well to share your thoughts.


Standing still; looking scared

I knew it was a sinking sand

My feet are cold and aching

I knew this was not the place to lay for rest

But I did not have the courage to move.

Passers-by; wondering why,

The beautiful princess still remained there

Even when the wind was going fierce

I knew I could get torn apart

Yet I did not have the courage to move.

I looked around and saw no one left

Trusted allies have all gone far north

I couldn’t move an inch, it was my castle

I knew I could have it nomore

Still, I had no courage to move.

Memories swept through my mind,

Treasures of trust and hope laid up for years

Seems to crumble beneath my feet/grasp

Then I heard the sound again, tick tock

It is time to move, it said.

I looked ahead and saw a brighter light,

Which has been locked out by fear for years,

I moved my feet and ran,

I have lost much, but I will gain more.

Now, I have the courage to move.

#You are strong&able

Photo credit: google images