Hallo everyone, it is yet another month. Remember to be grateful for life because when there is life, there is hope. Here is episode 10, I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoy writing it! In case you missed the last episode, you can click here


Tracy as usual was my ride or die girlfriend. She came through for me, made me look at this from another perspective. She told me things could have been worse if we went ahead with the relationship and I got humiliated by his family; that I should be grateful for getting to know my stand now rather than getting to discover later that Chucks considers what his family would say even about choosing someone he loved. I slept in her room that night; we talked about men, our past relationships and what we hoped for in the future. I left her room relieved the next morning.

On getting to my room, I saw flowers and a gift bag at the entrance. I scoffed, I knew who it will be from.

There was a note inside;

Dear babe,
I am very sorry for not letting you know about your stand in the relationship. I never intended to hurt you which was why I didn’t tell you of the cultural issues we might have. I also know that you may want to fight it through but it will be very traumatic for you dealing with my family when it comes to cultural issues. Therefore, I reasoned that the best way to handle this without hurting anyone is to let the relationship die a natural death. I am sorry for such selfishness. I still want to be your friend but I will give you time to forgive me and when you have totally forgiven me, you can give me a call or send a message. But above all, I would want to see you off to the airport when you are going back to Nigeria whether you have forgiven me or not by then. Also, I bought a beautiful dress and a necklace and I request that you wear them on the day you will be leaving. Kindly grant me this last wish. Once again, I am deeply sorry.
Your Dude, Chuks.

I half-smiled, half-sighed.

“They all break up with me using a note and a gift. I think I am done with love.” I said to myself as I dropped the gift on my bed. I took my bathe and got dressed for the day. I had a lot of things to do.

At the end of the day, I went over to Tracy’s room. She was also preparing to leave for Ghana, her flight was scheduled for a day after mine which means she would be able to see me off to the airport. I told her of the flowers and gift I received and as usual she tried to comfort me and advised me to move on.

Every day till I left for Nigeria, I usually go over to her room in the evenings, we would eat together, play games and talk about a million and one things before going to bed. In the mornings, I would return to my room to prepare for the day. It was my way of saying goodbye. I was surely going to miss her and planned to retain her as one of my best friends. 

On the day of my departure, I wore the dress Chuks gave me and the necklace, I was looking really gorgeous. I had informed him earlier of my time of departure and he promised to come help me carry my luggage to the airport. Tracy came along also; the ride to the airport was smooth. Chuks apologized over and over not minding Tracy’s presence. I told him I had forgiven him.

We had a meal at the airport together and bade farewells before I checked-in my luggage and moved to the boarding area.

I walked towards the plane with my head held high and my shoulders squared

“Forgiveness is what you do for yourself than for anyone else, I am going to have a fresh start in Nigeria” I said to myself.

The flight went well; I distracted myself by reading a novel all through the flight when I was not sleeping. I did not want to bother myself about what the future held. I planned to face it as it comes.

P.S; Find out how my life went till I discovered I was 38 years and unmarried in the next episode