Hallo everyone, we are gradually heading to the end of this exciting series.  In a few more episodes, we should wrap it up. If you have not been following, do well to check the previous episodes to get a good picture. Enjoy this week’s episode! Cheers!

My parents and siblings were at the airport in Nigeria to receive me. I was overwhelmed with the love from my family…sometimes I wondered what I would have done without them. We drove to Ibadan together where they welcomed me to a private family welcome dinner. They had thousands of questions for me and I obliged their curiosities.

Life happened so fast, I went in and out of relationships…sincerely the details will bore you. I got a better job in Lagos and commuted to and fro in my private car. My family, out of their love and concern started to pester me to get married. By the time I turned thirty, they started to organize blind dates for me; I tried to give a shot at love but I was just unlucky. All the relationships did not last more than six months. Rather than getting fed-up I continued to give every man I met a chance.

By the time I was 31 years old, my younger brother announced that he would be bringing the lady he intended to marry home soonest; I was happy for him but I also knew it would lead to more pressure. Just as I predicted my parents and extended family members reminded me of my status daily, they started suggesting prayer programs aside all their match-making schemes. At some point I almost wanted to believe I truly had a problem.
I communicated with Tracy all along and she always had a word of encouragement or comfort for me. My brother brought home his fiancee and I discovered she was one of my junior colleagues at the organisation where I worked in Lagos just after service. What a coincidence. I was happier for my brother because the girl was such a good girl. Both families approved of the union and their wedding was fixed for the next year. My parents still hoped that I would get to bring my fiancé home at least before my brother got married. I was beginning to care less. My happiness was vital and I realized that with or without marriage I had a choice to be happy.
Tracy’s wedding was at the end of that year and I was very elated for my friend. I travelled all the way to Ghana to attend her wedding; she got married to a Caucasian that she met during our master’s program. It was such a beautiful wedding and a merging of cultures; I had fun at the wedding.
My brother’s wedding came and I still was not engaged. I however did not allow that affect me in any way; I usually told myself “Happiness is your choice”. For the wedding, I was the event planner and I put my best foot forward. The fact that I had known the bride before then made me put in extra efforts at making sure that the day went well. My family members were so amazed; I barely had time for side-talks or nosy relatives that would be out to pass remarks about my singleness. The ceremony was superb and I felt so happy and fulfilled.

After the event, my parents had a heart to heart conversation with me just like they did when my sister got married years ago. I explained to them that I actually intended to get married and was doing my best but it seemed things just did not go as I wished but I was hopeful that one day I would also walk down the aisle with the man I loved and chose. We spoke about a lot of things and I assured them that as soon as things fell in line, plans will kick start. They felt reassured and I was hoping that they would stop bothering me about the marriage issue.

P.S What happened next? You can only know if you stay tuned. Winks