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14 March, 2018

The doctor is here again, I guess; because I can hear his foot-steps which I am getting used to by now.  I need to set my note aside, I will explain to you all that transpired from my age 32 to 38 soon but I need to hear what he has to say. I heard a knock at my door, I was right! It was the doctor, the same doctor that had been managing me. He spoke at length with me and told me I would be discharged the next day. He buttressed further that based on tests and observations, they concluded that nothing grave was wrong with me and it was just a moment of being overwhelmed that landed me at the hospital. I agreed but was still confused on how I was going to escape the arranged marriage.

Coupled with the information that I was leaving the hospital in less than 24 hours, I knew that I was going to be pre-occupied with family members and well-wishers who would visit me when I got home, I picked up my jotter to continue my story of  how I got here. I will write about whatever happens when I get home later as the events unfolds.

After my brother’s wedding and the heart to heart talk with my parents, I returned to Lagos and continued my work. At intervals my parents would get information about a church program or a social event and would encourage me to go with the hopes that I would find my prince charming there. At some point I refused bluntly and never bothered myself about love or marriage. I changed my job and moved to Port-Harcourt, it was a great relief for me – I was free from too much closeness with my family (they were beginning to invade my space to an overbearing level) and it was a new environment for me to meet new people, learn a new culture, try new food recipes etc. 

Strangely enough,  my family members were  also happy that I could also meet my future husband there.  It amazes me that all they thought about was marriage without considering my happiness one bit; although my siblings were more understanding and less demanding, my parents and aunties would hear of no other thing. At some point I was wondering if it was because they were all in their sixties and retired and had less to think about.

Life at Port-Harcourt was fun and added to the fact that this organisation was bigger, I met a lot of people, had one social function or the other to attend every month and I became more serious with church activities. However, it seemed everyone I met was either married or in a very serious relationship; I just never met the single guys. I stopped bothering myself and tried to enjoy life as much as possible.

On the day I clocked 34, I has a private party with a few friends and colleagues. It was fun as usual, when the party ended and I was alone at home, I took some time to reflect and concluded within myself that I would further my study. I started to apply to different schools abroad and within an matter of months I was offered admission for my PhD. at a university in the United Kingdom. And once again, it was a fully funded program as well as an option to work as a an assistant lecturer there. I was so happy with myself.

 “Well, if you aren’t getting married, you should channel your time and energy into fulfilling your other dreams instead of remaining stagnant while waiting to get married” I told myself.

 I told my family members about the news and I was met with mixed feelings; my siblings were happy for me but my parents were more concerned that this may affect my relationship again and I may end up finishing the program and still remaining unmarried. 

Well, I tried to explain things to them that marriage was not the beginning and end of life’s fulfillment but they did not agree . Notwithstanding, I had made up my mind and I wasn’t allowing myself to be deterred especially with the fact that it was fully funded; I needed not to be distracted in any way. I plunged into preparations and by the end of July, my flight was booked for the second week in august.

P.S: My PhD came with greater news. Find out in the next episode. Cheers!