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On the day I was to travel, my parents grudgingly followed me to the airport in Lagos. I had come home a week before then to drop all the things I would not be carrying along with me in Ibadan and also to see my siblings and their families before travelling. My conversations with my parents through-out that period was a little strained but I cared less. “A woman gotta know what she wants at 34” I usually say to myself then.

My flight was itch free and I settled into my new environment very quickly. I plunged myself into my research and teaching work and barely had time for social activities. My supervisor was very impressed with me and told me I stood a chance of full employment after I completed my program. That was great news for me. At least, I would be pursuing my dreams and also be free from too much family pressures.

A colleague invited me to a social event one day, I agreed to attend because it had been a long time I went for any event; my life was merely restricted to work and a few religious activities. On the day of the event, I got dressed and took a bus to the venue. I was barely seated for five minutes before someone walked up to me to ask if he could share the table with me. I briefly looked up from my phone and said yes with a mild smile and turned back to my phone. The young man sat and called my name; I was startled. Just very few people knew how to pronounce my name here in the UK talk less of  calling my full name and surname correctly.

It was TAYO. Yes Tayo, my boyfriend in my final year!

I looked at him gobsmacked for one whole minute. He kept smiling waiting for me to process this new information. I looked at him from his head to his toe; He was looking very good, grown taller, broader shoulder, a little beard, stripped blue shirt, navy blue sweat shirt over it, black chinos trousers, and chocolate brown shoes with matching belt. And those eyes- seductive as usual.

“Oh la la! Where on earth have you been?” I finally spoke up

“Good day to you too Wuraola” he said with a half-smile and half-smirk

“Cut the chase young man and answer my question because you deserve some trashing for taking a piece of my heart with you and eloping with it for so many years.”

He laughed so hard that he got some stares for people seated close by.

“Actually, you are right. I am very sorry for not getting in touch with you. I was robbed some months after I moved here one night very close to my house. My phone, address book, laptop and other documents were stolen. I was devastated and changed my location just in case those guys came back. I reported to the police but they could not be traced. There was no way I could get in touch with you; after some trials I gave up but trust me Wuraola, I think you had a larger chunk of my heart with you, I hope you are not married?’ He said as he held my hands and looked directly into my soul with those seductive eyes.

Trust me I was lost in my thoughts, I kept staring at him.

“This guy!” I spoke up with a weak voice; he was sweeping me off my feet once again.
“What if I was married?” I said

He examined my left hand for any ring and said, “I don’t think so, you are not wearing any ring.”

“What if I dropped my ring at home, you never can judge because of just a ring!” I insisted.

“Yes, you are right” he said as he left my hand

“Okay then, let me be more straightforward, Wuraola are you married or engaged in a serious relationship?” he asked with a very serious tone now

“Mr Tayo, I am not married and also not in a serious relationship” I replied

“Yayyy!!!” he exclaimed causing the people around to look at him once again.

We seemed to be in our own world and barely took note of what was going on at the event. We did a lot of catching up and he explained why he had not been married for over ten years since he came over to the UK. I explained my ordeals to him too and we had many laughs in between our conversation. 

At the end of the event we exchanged contacts and promised to keep in touch.

Tayo had already finished his Ph. D. and was employed with an international organisation; I was midway in my program. We lived within kilometers of each other and met very regularly. Sincerely I was happy! Things went well between us and we planned that once my program was done, I would go back to Nigeria, let my parents know about him and proceed to get married as soon as they gave their consent. He had told his family members about me and they were all ready to meet me as well
P.S: my experience in Nigeria took another unforgettable turn. Find out in the next episode.