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At the end of my program, I was offered a full time work with the university with effect in from two months from that time. It was great news for me, I planned to inform my parents when I got home and to also tell them about Tayo; who was deeply in love with me and very happy about the employment as it was another guaranty that I was travelling back with him after our wedding.

I had informed my parents of my arrival time, they came to the airport as usual to pick me and we headed towards Ibadan. They told me they had finally gotten a man for me and our marriage would be in two days’ time. 

I laughed loudly and looked at them 

I thought they were joking but discovered that they meant it; I got home to discover that they had arranged a family friend’s son who also ‘refused’ to get married for me. They had planned a private church wedding as soon as they got wind that I was coming back home, they had bought a fitting dress for me and put all other things in place. The supposed husband too played along, he had gotten in touch with me via social media earlier and we talked a number of times but I thought he was just catching up and never linked his sudden communication with me to anything. 

Apparently, he had been warned not to tell me and he cooperated very well with my parents. What shocked me the most was my siblings cooperation as well, I no longer had anyone on my side.

I tried to explain to them all that there was someone now and I would be travelling back as soon as possible but they didn’t take me serious.

“There is someone, there is someone, that is all you have been saying for decades now, very soon you would clock forty” was all I heard.

On the day of the wedding, they literally forced me into the dress and we headed to the church. At that point, I made up my mind that if this was what will make hem fulfilled, I would play along as well. As soon as the wedding ended, I would ask for a divorce thereby shattering all their pride.

“They think they want to cover their shame by forcing me into a marriage with someone I barely know, I will crash their ego when I ask for a divorce” I said to myself that morning.
I could not even get in touch with Tayo, my Father literally seized my phone as soon as I got home. I felt humiliated by such extreme decision taken by my family. When we got to the church and my father was sure he had achieved his aim, he handed my phone back to me.

The church program started, I walked down the aisle with a very forlorn face, My father did not care, he did the smiling for both of us. As we took our vows and sat, I switched on the phone quietly and had a lot of messages; some from Tayo, friends and one from my brother.

I found it rather suspicious that my brother was sending me a text message while he barely spoke to me all along since I got back. I opened to message and found this.

“Sis, I am sorry for not standing up against Mum and Dad, I just found out that this guy is gay

My heart paused for three seconds, I screamed and ran out of the church. There was pandemonium immediately, the groom ran after me, followed by the family members, I kept running. Eventually I was tracked down and asked what the matter was but I refused to talk. After hours of trying to get me to talk and I refused, they decided to take me to the hospital. My mother started crying, she said I disgraced her and my ploy was to make sure that the wedding did not hold and I did it in the most humiliating way, I barely looked at her.

I was admitted to the hospital to be observed and accessed by a psychiatrist. For days, I said nothing to anyone until my dad gave the phone to me to speak with Tayo. He was my healing balm. I told him I would get in touch but spared him the details. I eventually confided in the doctor all that transpired and the final straw. I wondered how my supposed husband could play along with the wedding when he was aware of his sexual preferences.

“Apparently, this was why he was single. But what was he planning by going along with the wedding, was he intending to hurt me for his parents’ pride and ego as well?” I would say to myself. “Once I let him know of his status I was sure he will gladly opt for annulment and make sure I do not tell anyone. That will be an easier way out except he is not gay after all” I refused to say much to my family until I got to the root of the matter.
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