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The second year started event less for a while until Chucks came along. Till date, I cannot recall how we first met but I suddenly  realized I was friends with this final year student studying Computer Science. He started pestering me to be his girlfriend and not just an ordinary friend; after some efforts I succumbed and things went very smoothly. He graduated and I did not hear from him again. I was heartbroken but as usual, I moved on.

By my third year, I changed my room and coincidentally moved in with very exposed ladies- Titi and Sola, who lived quite adventurous lives.  We went to all the clubs both on the Island and within the University mainland axis.  I was introduced to alcohol, drugs and men. That year, I lost my virginity to a total stranger and I did not bat an eyelid about it. The life of the party continued, my grades dropped but I was still within the second class upper division, which wasn’t bad after all. On getting back home, my parents noticed my change in attitude and probed me. Eventually, they threatened to transfer me to University of Ibadan if I did not desist from such life style. I promised them I would and so did I.

Year four went well; I had a boyfriend whom I could barely call a boyfriend. He was one of those very brilliant guys in my class and we connected based on academic interests but after that…nothing much. I found him quite weird and unromantic despite him being the one to propose to me, He did not meet up so I concluded he was my study partner and I put my mind off romance.

I have to stop writing now, I can hear footsteps. They are calling someone on the phone; I suspect it is my fiance. They have probably gotten in touch with him or maybe he got in touch with them when he stopped hearing from me.
 11th March 2018
Today is a Sunday so I would not have any early visitor which feels right by me.
So days ago, I was right with my prediction, they were on the phone with my fiance. He had to introduce himself to them that we had been dating since I went to the UK for my PhD. He told them our plan was for me to come back home first  to introduce him to them before he comes. He was afraid something had happened when I did not get in touch with him. When my father entered the room, I was staring at them as usual; he handed his phone to me to speak with Tayo.

For the first time since I was admitted, I spoke up. I told him a lot had happened but as long as he supports me we would pull through. My family members were surprised I was totally normal, the doctor was called and he told all of them to leave the room. I finally spoke up, the Doctor looked bewildered.

Trust me, he bombarded me with a lot of questions and strangely enough I obliged. I told him everything that happened as far as I could recall. My family members were at the door wondering what we were saying for so many hours. 

Find out all I told the Doctor in the next episode…..