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The Lagos life did not afford me so much time for luxury, first my work required me working sometimes on Saturday depending on the amount of work we had at the office and strict deadlines to meet. Secondly the hectic traffic, I most times got home around 8pm and trust me, I am usually  too tired for any form of socializing. I just try to get a fast dinner, struggle to wash off all the sweat and off I go to sleep. I made friends at work who would sometimes drag me to one event or the other, aside that I was just following the triangular life of work to home and sometimes to church. My free Saturdays were spent doing laundry, house chores, cooking, making my hair and shopping. By the time it is Sunday, the reality that another week is starting hits me and I just stay indoors, sleeping, watching TV and chatting with friends and family on the phone. Once in a while, I go to a church nearby, I cannot afford to go afar away church and spend my Sundays in traffic again.

One fateful day, my car had a flat tyre on my way back from work, I almost passed out. For one, I try as much as possible to keep my car in good shape but fate would have it another way. As I struggled with the tyre at around 7pm, a young man parked his car at the rear of mine and offered to help. You needed to see how relieved I was, he got down to work and before long I was smiling again.  He asked for my phone number and I willing gave him. I needed to return that huge favour. Two weeks went by and I did not hear from him. I had already concluded that he probably misplaced my phone number until my phone rang by 10 am on a Saturday morning.

“Hi, this is Wale, the guy who helped with your flat tyre some weeks ago.”

“Oh, hello! I have been meaning to return the favour and even blamed myself for not collecting your phone number.” I replied

“Oh no, why would you want to return the favour, I was just doing one of my civic responsibilities. I am sorry; I have not called back as promised” he said sounding genuinely sober.

“Well, thank you so much Mr Wale, that assistance meant so much to me, I am sure you could see how relieved I was after your help”

“It is nothing. Anything for a beautiful woman, by the way what is your name?”

“Wuraola” I answered.

“Well then, Wuraola, it was nice meeting you although under funny circumstances. I was meaning to ask if you are free today so we could probably hang out”

“Ermmmm, I have some chores and shopping to do this morning but will be free most likely from 4pm”

“Great, how about we meet at a nice place not too far from where you live” He 

“Sounds nice, I could make do with some company, it has been a while I hanged out…Lagos and its way of using up your time. I will send the address of a nice place around Ikeja to you. Thank you so much Mr wale” 

That was how myself and Wale hit it off, we were very good friends and had even been introduced to each other’s family members. Everything went well, Until I told Wale, I was travelling abroad for my master’s degree. 

Find out Wale’s response to my masters admission.