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He looked uninterested when I mentioned I was travelling out for my Master’s program. Our discussion that day went dry and we finally parted very coldly.

I go to work next Monday very excited. Everyone noticed how excited I was and kept wondering what I was up to, I  brushed off their comments with a shrug and a smile and continued my work; it was not time to spill yet. When it was time for our lunch break, I walked up to my boss just before he stepped out and handed him my resignation letter.

He looked shocked; he opened the letter, read it and looked at me with mixed feelings.

I looked back without any particular facial expression.

“Well, I am very happy that your leaving this organisation is for your progress but also sad that you are leaving just at the time when I  recommended you for a senior position. Now, I would have to look keenly for another person to fill the position which would take a while because you are the most fit person for the position”

“Wow sir, I am so sorry sir and I was not even aware of such”

“There is actually no need for you to be sorry, moreover you were not expected to be aware of the recommendation. Anyway, it is alright, I am sincerely happy for you. Congratulations on your admission” he said stretching his hands to me across the table. I returned the handshake and curtsied briefly.

“Thank you so much sir, I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with your organisation. It has opened my eyes to a lot of things. Thank you so much once again” I said.

“Actually we should be the one thanking you for all your innovative contributions to our organisation. It was a job well done!”

“You are welcome sir” I responded with some blush

“So when did you say you were finally stopping again” He said as he went over my resignation letter all over.

“In three months’ time, By the end of July. I need a month to sort myself out and put finishing touches to all my arrangements before leaving at the beginning of September”

“Great, it means we will have enough time to plan a send-off ceremony for you”

“Oh really, that will be interesting sir. I will be very grateful”

“You are welcome, now run along for your break before it ends” He showed me the door and I took my leave.

As I stepped out of the office, I released a loud sigh “It went easier than I thought and imagine I was already being considered for a senior role, wow! that would have been great” I said to myself as I stepped away from the door.

I walked towards to cafeteria to get a quick lunch before heading back to my work.

I sent a chat to Wale.

“Hi boo” I started with a love emoji

“Hey babe” He responded almost immediately

“I am thinking that we need to see this weekend”

“Really, I hope there is no problem”

“Problem with wanting to see my boyfriend?”

“Fiancé! Point of correction! Well it is strange because I most times initiate our meetings” Wale said matter-of-factly

“Fiancé? But you have not officially proposed to me!”

“Well, I am planning towards that very soon”

“Very soon?” I asked, surprised

“Well, yes.  Do not forget that it is a year now that we have been dating and as two grown adults in love, it is high time we took things to the next level”

“Oh! I really never realized”

“Okay then, ma’am, we need to take things to the next level, get to do our introduction and plan for marriage within the next ten to twelve months”

I was too stunned to respond to that chat for a very long time. He noticed I went offline for a long while and called me on the phone. I did not pick his calls till I got home.

By the time I got home, I took a shower first, prepared myself a light dinner and sat to watch TV. 
Wale called like a million times but I was not ready to entertain any call. When I was sure I was relaxed and would not flare up at any provocation, I called him back.

He was very upset that I ignored his calls on purpose, I apologized very calmly severally. He also found it strange that I was extremely calm. We agreed to meet at the weekend at one of our favourite spots.

My mind was made up! I cannot let anyone stop me from pursuing my masters especially since I was given a full scholarship.

We met at around 11.30 am, the sun was shining but there was smell of rain.

“Good morning dear” Wale said to me as he sat across the table and faced me.

“Good morning” I responded a little courteous

“So what do we order? Our usual?”

“No, just water will be fine for me” I responded curtly

Wale arched his right eye brow and looked at me.

“Babe, what is the matter, this is very unusual of you!”

“There is no problem, I am very fine!”

“Okay” he shrugged as he signaled to the waiter to come and get our orders. He insisted I take at least a cup of juice and I obliged to avoid further arguments.

“So, what is the matter, I know something is wrong, just talk to me” He said with concern in his eyes as he eat from his plate of fried rice and salad.

“Actually, Wale, I am very serious that I want to go for my master’s degree in the UK, I have been offered admission and should be leaving the first week in September.”

He did not respond but just continued eating. I took a sip from my cup of juice and continued talking. I explained to him that I had my plans laid out, I wanted to badly go for the program to put me at a better position; that I was offered a full scholarship and I had dropped my resignation letter at work.

He finally spoke up, we argued back and forth. He wanted to get married within a year, he suggested that I could do my masters in Nigeria or defer my admission for a year so we could get married before I left for the masters. 

I did not buy any of such ideas, I explained that I was already offered admission and a full scholarship….who defers admission with a scholarship? certainly not me.

Also, I could get married and become pregnant immediately per chance and may not be able to go for the program any longer and it was an opportunity I would not like to miss. I also pointed out that he should not forget that he also did his master’s program and it helped him climb his career ladder faster because of the exposure and increased knowledge. He knew I had won when I said that.

The discussion did end soon enough and I could tell I had lost him.
Our communication did not go very smoothly afterwards, he usually sounded cold most times. I tried to convince him that I still loved him and was willing to come back to Nigeria to settle down with him as soon as I was done with the masters. He kept saying, he never believed in a long distance relationship and that was how his initial relationship broke due to his moving abroad for his masters so he was not ready to take that road again.

All my explanations fell on deaf ears but I was hell bent on sticking to my plans. Love can wait. 

Find out how life turned after I went for my post-graduate work in the UK.