Good day to you my highly esteemed blog readers. Yaaaayyyy! Episode 6 is out but if you missed Episode 5 do well to check it out for proper enjoyment of this new one. Do have a great week.

At work, word spread quickly that I was leaving soon and my send-forth party was planned. The office made it grander than I could ever imagine, I invited Wale to attend since he was the closest I had to family in Lagos but he declined with many inconsequential reasons.

I obliged him and decided to invite my girlfriends instead; I needed as much positive vibes around me as possible. The party went very well; I was thrilled at the amount of love received from all the staff.

After my send-forth, I took some days to sort myself out in Lagos and headed for Ibadan. I tried to get in touch with Wale but he had more excuses but promised to definitely see me before I left Nigeria.

At Ibadan, I took out time to see my siblings, old friends and relatives. I also spent time with my parents and sorted all the remaining logistics as regards my travelling. Wale kept making excuses for not being able to see me  till I was finally leaving Nigeria.

My family members also asked after him and I told them things were not certain any longer. They felt sorry.
On the day of my final exit, I informed wale of the time of my flight’s departure from Lagos and he promised to be around. I took the promise with a pinch of salt because he had been promising and failing for the past few weeks and I was not ready to be disturbed again, “Whatever will be will be” I told myself. 

My parents were very proud of me; we traveled together to Lagos from Ibadan, alongside my brother; I felt so loved. My sister could not go with us because she was heavily pregnant and might fall into labour anytime soon. We arrived the airport at around 6 pm, I sent Wale a chat that I was at the airport. He replied that he would be around soon.

My friends in Lagos also came to say farewell to me, it was a great experience for me. We had a nice time feasting and catching up at one of the restaurants close to the airport, we had plenty of food and drinks and also took a lot of pictures. When it was time to check in my luggage, I checked in and got my boarding pass. My friends and family bade me farewell and left not without some hugs, words of encouragement and a few drops of tears here and there; the experience was surreal. 

Just as they were leaving and I was able to head towards the departure lounge, Wale, ran up to me. He apologized for being late, handed me a wrapped gift and roses, mumbled some greetings, gave me a hug and dashed away. All these happened within two minutes, I was in shock; but to avoid creating any scene, I composed myself, put the gifts in my bag and walked towards the lounge.

Soon, it was time for boarding, I took a good look at my environment and soaked it in before leaving. The flight went smoothly, by the time the Plane touched down at my destination, I was totally fagged out. I was able to locate the bus that was made available to pick me and other students from the airport to the Campus easily. I joined the bus and greeted the people around me.

“Wow, this is going to be another experience for me, I am going to have as much fun as I can” I said to myself.

I settled into my room later in the day, I had grabbed a pack of food from a restaurant earlier while doing some logistics. As I sat to eat, I connected to the internet and contacted all my friends and family letting them know I had arrived. I sent wale a message but it did not get delivered. I did not bother. After eating, I took a bath and slept off almost immediately. By the time I woke up, it was 3.00 am, I started to arrange my things and noticed the gift wale gave me. I opened it and found a bracelet and note.

Find out what he told me in the note and my reaction to it.