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Hi dear, I am sincerely grateful for all the love we shared and the moments spent together; they meant so much to me. However, to be very frank with you; I cannot go further in this relationship, I had taken this long distance relationship road before and I am not ready to take it again as the initial one did not do me any good after all. I therefore will be calling it quits and would not want any further contact. Pardon my sulking all along, I know you truly loved me and was determined to see how this works but I am not sure I have energy for such. I am sincerely happy that you are making progress but I cannot bear to wait for another one and half years of uncertainty. Forgive my selfish reasoning. Hopefully, we may still be friends in the future but for now, kindly let things lie low. I wish you success in your studies.
Wale, Your ex.

For over an hour, I could not continue arranging my belongings; I read the note over and over and tears kept flowing from my eyes. After it looked like I had emptied my entire tear well, I braced up myself and tried the bracelet, it was beautiful. One of those things I liked about wale was his taste for quality and beautiful things, I sat down thinking of the memories we shared till I slept off once again.

Well, love can wait but Life must go on.

I woke up to a start when my phone rang, My mum was the caller.

“Hello Wura”

“Hello mum”

“How are you? How was your journey? I hope you aren’t too tired?”

“Hey mum, which one should I answer first?”

“Oh sorry, anyway, how are you?”

“I am fine ma”

I went ahead to tell her all the details of my journey, my little hassles trying to settle down and about the note Wale gave me.”

Surprisingly, she listened without interruptions. After I had vented my mind, she sighed and said “Well, whatever will be will be. I think you deserve a man who would support your dreams. It is not like you were married and wanted to leave for a year and half, rather you were promising to go, study and then return to get married to him. Moreover you are just twenty four years old, So I do not see the rush.”

I heaved a sigh of relief, at least someone else saw reason with me. I was truly ready to make the relationship work but Wale made it only about him which I felt was not fair enough.

“Well, a little good news to lighten your mood…guess”

“Wow mum, just spill”

“Your sister had a baby just this morning”

I screamed! I was over the roof top happy.

“It is a girl right?”

“Oh yes” She responded with so much delight.

“Yaayyy! I am so happy, I will give her a call after now. But why did the girl not come just before I left, now I would have to get to see only pictures for a whole one and half years. By the time I am back, the baby will be all grown up and may be asking “who is this?” I made a face as I said that.

My mum laughed so hard at my comment, we talked a little more and ended the call.

I felt very good. It was a relief to hear some very great news after my heart just got broken by Wale.

After calling my sister, I set at finishing the arrangement of my room, bathed, got dressed and dashed out for the day. I had a lot to do.

The next few months were so busy for me that I barely had time for other things. At the end of each day, I was very exhausted. I just got food to eat, did my laundry and hopped into bed.
Once in a while, I call my family and friends back in Nigeria and catch up on happenings back home. I usually send messages to wale but it never gets delivered, he blocked me on every social media platform and his mobile number never went through.
I never gave up, I wanted to speak with him to hear him out before I finally lay the case to rest but he seemed to not want to have anything to do with me.

At weekends, I am at one group meeting or the other trying to work on assignments or mini-projects given to us by our lecturers.

Six months after I moved abroad, I finally told myself to give up on Wale and make new friends and also give love another chance. I was already getting tired of changing boyfriends like clothes.

Just as I was loosening up to friendship, I was chatting with my brother one day and he sent me pictures of Wale’s wedding to another lady. He said he saw that his friend was tagged by someone who shared the pictures on Facebook so he snooped further and was able to get more pictures.
I was devastated.

“Wale got married six months after I left Nigeria…he must have had that person by the side all along.” I thought to myself.

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