It is a beautiful day here. I hope it is a beautiful day for you too! Today is children’s day, my heart goes out to all children around the world and those who are eagerly looking up to God for the gift of a child. May next year’s celebration meet you all with great testimonies.

So, this is a new episode, thanks to all of you keep in touch. Much Love. In case you missed Episode 8, kindly check it out before you start this new one.
Without much ado, Chuks and I kicked off our relationship from where we stopped. He came at least three times in a week to see me. We visited a lot of places and attended events together. By the time I had rounded up my program and was about to leave, I needed to have a straight-to-the-point conversation with him. I wanted to know where the relationship was headed so I scheduled a meeting one evening at one of our usual spots.

“Hey Dude!” I said as soon as he sat on the bench.

“Hey Babe” He responded with a smile.

We went on to catch up on happenings since we parted few days ago and then I switched to the main topic for the day.

“Chuks, I will be leaving by the end of next week after I finalize all I want to do”

“Wow, nice. We can always keep in touch when you get back to Nigeria” He responded eagerly.

“Well, but..” I stuttered, fiddling with my hands.

He raised my chin to face him.

“Babe, what is the problem? You know you can talk to me right?”

I sighed and breezed through all I wanted to say in one breathe.

“Well, I am actually wondering what the future holds for us. I am done with my masters and will be hoping we get married soon.  You are also on your Ph. D. program and working. I am thinking we can work things out and plan toward getting married next year…” 

He cut in abruptly “Babe, I actually understand what you are saying and trust me I have given everything a lot of thought”

I was happy to hear that

“So what do you think?” I asked
“Actually, Wuraola, I would sincerely want to spend the rest of my life with you but there is a problem” He said fidgeting

“What is the problem?” I looked at him with concern-laden eyes

“As you know, I am the only male in my family and they would not want me to marry someone who is not Igbo. They had specifically warned that no matter how widely traveled or highly placed I become, I must still marry an Igbo lady or else they were going to make the home a hell for the lady and I would not want you to go through such trauma all for my sake” he said almost in tears now

I was dumbfounded for five minutes. He allowed me process that huge chunk of information and did not interrupt my thoughts.

“But why did you not tell me all along? You led me on for these three months despite knowing that this was leading nowhere!” I said with a raised voice.

“Wuraola, I am deeply sorry, I did not want to break your heart and did not want the relationship to end on a bad note”

“Really? So how were you planning to let me know?” I asked; now upset.

“Sincerely, I know this is very selfish of me but I was hoping that when you go back to Nigeria, the relationship will die a natural death just like most long distance relationships does, in which case no one will feel hurt or used” he said

“Wow, Chucks! You amaze me” I looked at him wide-eyed
“What a strategic way to think! But did it ever cross your mind that our own may not die naturally like most others and we may even wax stronger? So, how were you going to handle it? Behave like the initial time when you graduated and I did not hear from you again?”

“Erm… Actually… I… erm… Babe” he tried to speak but could not get the words out
“I should have known; when you refused to introduce me to any of your family members even when you talk to them on the phone near me” I spat out with disgust as I walked away from him crying. 

I went straightaway to Tracy’s room; I could not bear to be alone at that moment.

“Babe, how are you?” She asked excited to see me as soon as she opened her door but on seeing me crying, her countenance changed. 

She pulled me in, made me sit on her couch and offered me a glass of cold water and an handkerchief  to wipe my tears.

P.S: find out how I handled yet another break up.