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On the day I was discharged, I was welcomed by family, friends and well-wishers who kept asking me what the problem was. I did not talk much but insisted that all was well; I however requested to speak with “my emergency husband” privately. He walked into one of the rooms at home and I shut the door.

“Hi” I spoke up first.

“Hey, so can you explain to me what happened there?” He said a little upset

“No, I think you should explain to me why you would want to marry a woman you barely know just so you can satisfy your family and friends!” I shouted at him

He was startled

“And you should explain to me why you would want to get married to a lady despite knowing you have sexual preferences for men! Whoever you have sexual preferences for is actually not my business but why would you decide to get married  to me when you are aware that nothing truthful can ever happen between us and this could break my heart eventually” I said fuming with much anger.
“Sush!” he motioned to me to lower my voice as he slowly sat on the bed with his shoulders sagged.

“It means it is true, right?” I said half laughing and half crying now

“Erm!!!” he stammered and fiddled with his hands.

“So, young man, kindly explain everything to me” I said as I crossed my hands across  chest and laid my back against the wall.

He explained to me that he truly was gay and that was why he was not married all along but since his family members were mounting so much pressure on him, he decided to play along and ask for a divorce later. He apologized profusely and requested that we keep it a secret between us.

I was in shock for a whole minute.

I also told him I was recently engaged to another man and ready for marriage but my family members did not believe me and were bent on forcing me to get married to their choice so I decided to play along but later ask for a divorce immediately after the wedding.

“Well, that makes both of us then! It is better we go out now and tell them we are not getting married and both families go their separate ways.” He suggested.
I walked towards the door.

“But by the way, how did you know I was gay!” He asked as he held me back from opening the door. 

“Well, Let’s just say walls have ears! Someday you will have to face your family about it but I can assure you I would not breathe a word about it to them” I said

“Hmmm, Thank you” He said with relief

We stepped out and announced to everyone present that we were going our separate ways and would not like any of such match-making again. There was an uproar; we explained to them over and over without mentioning his sexual preference. After over an hour, both families accepted their fate and parted. My parents were not happy but I cared less, My own happiness was the most important.

I eventually had time alone with my family members in the evening and I was literally upset with them. I expressed my displeasure and told them I was never going to trust them again if they could attempt to forcefully marry me off to someone I barely knew just to satisfy their ego. They asked for my forgiveness and I reluctantly accepted their apologies.

I finally told them I was engaged to Tayo and he would be coming home for the introduction and wedding as soon as they gave their consent.

You needed to see how my family members started jubilating at the news.

“So can he come next week? He already has our consent” My mother blurted.

I reeled with laughter.

“Easy mum, not so fast, I thought you would ask questions about him and his family” I said with a smile plastered across my face

“I said he already has our consent” she reiterated

“Ok, fine. I will let him know and we will see how things unfold” I said as I walked back to my room with a huge relief written on my face.

FINALLY! I thought.

I entered my room, picked my phone and called Tayo. He was very relieved to hear my voice and itched to hear all that happened. I told him every single bit of all that transpired between when I left to the present moment. He laughed and laughed about everything. 

“It is easy to laugh now, but it was not funny at all” I said a little pissed

“I know babe, I am sorry” he said

We agreed that he would come in a month’s time within which I would have also gone to his family members to meet them, thus he would be coming for the introduction and we will do a court wedding and a small reception for only family and friends before returning to the UK to live and work. 


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