Hello everyone, here I am typing away at the keyboard of my laptop trying to write a story. I am out to celebrate a friend of so much value.To let her know how special and highly esteemed she is.Read on and be inspired.

Well, basically I am a self-motivating person. I motivate myself and others. Now just before you think I am a very strong person- No. I motivate myself by reading books, watching people, observing very keenly, talking to myself, telling myself that I can do it. But then, there are still a few number of people who have truly motivated me personally.

You see, the fact that I can call myself a WRITER today is largely because of somebody I can never forget. She might not have known the impact of her influence but later when the world starts to celebrate my writing (big dream uhn?), maybe she would understand.

I met this lady during my first year at the university, I cannot remember how exactly but one of the attracting factors was her very beautiful long dark hair. You need to see how short mine is to be able to understand why I was attracted (now, it’s not as short as you think…lol) to a long-haired fellow.  Well, the influence started during our third year when we actually became friends. We somehow got talking and we talked about writing, she told me of how she wrote a story when she was younger and how it was published. I was awed! I knew I could write but never really gave it so much thought or time. I had always written stories in books and just disposed them somewhere. So, since then I started to give it more seriousness.

We talked more about writing any time we met and then one day, she encouraged me to go for a writing workshop with her. It was there I had more exposure and saw that writing could actually be a career. During the workshop, a competition was opened and she made sure that we both put in for the competition. We both did not have a personal laptop but she went as far as borrowing from a friend in another hostel to make sure we had our entries typed and submitted just before the deadline. Eventually she was one of the best three and I was the fifth. The organizers threw a small party to celebrate our success and gave gifts. I was challenged.

From there I started to dig out more information on writing and started to write for different purposes. I joined the editorial team of my faculty and started getting accolades. During my final year, I joined he editorial team of my class and worked with the team in ensuring quality articles were put out and a beautiful yearbook was published.

I started a blog sometimes but never really put up anything. After school, we went different ways and I did a little more active blogging until the year 2014 when I can say I always put up something worthy on my blog monthly.

Writing for me has been fulfilling and I am forever grateful to the lady that woke up the sleeping giant within me. Now, I have had multiple requests  from people to write for them which I still do for free. I continue to do more research into writing and writers and hope to go bigger with time,I read blogs of a lot of people and bookmarked some on my browser. I particularly like creative writing and stories.

THUMBS UP TO PRAISE AJEWOLE… Sincerely she is the one who woke the giant out of perpetual slumber and I am going places to say the least. She blogs at www.praiseajewole.Wordpress.com. You can bookmark her blog in your browser because she can only get better.
Bottom line is, do the good you can to the people you can.
You never can tell what the little seed of kindness will grow into.