“It’s hard to take the first step when I don’t know the way” this is the first line of a song I love to sing so much and I thought I understood the meaning of the song so well until I had a particular experience. I was in a company of some other young adults and we wanted to go for Christian missions in a very remote area that Google map hasn’t probably spotted. The organizers  deemed it fit to give each group a sketch map showing how to get there from the various locations they were coming from but somehow, the group I belonged did not have a map.
We had to wait for another group to lead us  because the place was so  remote that there is no telecommunications  network kilometers away from the stipulated location and any stranded group would not be able to put a call across to anyone successfully.
So despite our plan to take off as early as possible to avoid getting to the place at night we did not have a choice but to wait for our guide-group that had planned to leave at a later time.  We eventually got there but at night which was better than getting lost in an unkown place.
Truthfully, in the same vein, many people do not know the way through life’s journey and they are particularly clueless as to how to achieve their desired success. But two things are involved;
First, you need to look out for people who have threaded the same path you are about to thread and seek proper counsel. While you cant just listen to what every tom, dick and harry says, The Holy Scriptures says “My people perish for lack of knowledge” and in another part it says “in the multitude of counsel, there is safety”. So its alright to seek counsel very well and decided on the best option to take.
Secondly, through life’s journey you need to reach out to God’s stretched out hands and hold it firmly. While God does not promise a total calm journey, he promises a SAFE LANDING.
I do pray for God’s divine direction for everyone that needs His help.