Hello dear blog reader, 

How are you doing? Life is getting back to the ‘new normal’; I hope you are adjusting well?
I recently got so swamped that I literally forgot a meeting that I convened and had a list of issues to discuss! In retrospect I think I need to have a daily to do list on my phone!
Anyway, that was me just ranting!
To the crux of today’s blog post!
I have been on a fitness journey of recent and when I ask people questions or observe from a distance, I notice that food has a very huge part to play in our health status.
Let me break it down for you, 
Imagine someone saying “I am so slim, I need to add weight”: what is their first go-to plan? Food.
Imagine someone saying “I am over weight or Obese and need to visit a therapist” The first part of their discussion is about food, what to eat, what not to eat, what to reduce and what to increase. 
Imagine someone who is diagnosed with mild hypertension, the first line of action for the doctor is the DASH (Dietary Approach to stop Hypertension).
Imagine someone who is diagnosed with diabetes, discussions with the doctor will certainly involve dietary choices as well.
I hope you get the point?
Now, there is another batch of people that say “oh, I am watching my weight” but the amount of mayonnaise in the salad is enough to counter whatever the intention of eating a salad was for!
There is also a batch of people (I used to be) that think fruits do not contain carbs and thus take lots of fruits as adjuncts to a main meal and eventually end up taking far more carbs than an average person who ate the same meal without fruits.
If you are taking lots of fruits, it should either be taken as a whole meal or you should reduce the portion of the main meal. 
There are those who also eat based on availability, as long as food is available, they eat! They never consider if their body really needs food at the moment or what quantity is moderate.
In summary, Portion Control (moderation) is very vital to both normal eaters or those on a dietary plan of any form.
Till I come with another post, Stay safe and read my previous blog post.